There is always an About Me page in websites and blogs.

Writing "about me" and defining who I am and or for whom I do what I do has always felt a struggle, because my thoughts, my goals and my desires can change very rapidly and so is my energy level. I have felt shame because of that inconsistency. And I have relied on others where I could have been more self-reliant and have isolated myself where I could have asked for help. Of course, discerning when, how and to whom I could have asked is paramount.

This journal is an attempt to make sense of the path that is mine and uncover my resources so that I can be more benevolent towards myself. And learn to discern when and how I rely on others and/or my self.

There is a saying that - for now - holds true for me but I feel can be used as an excuse and I'd like to change that within me:

Until now I have shared my wisdom with others but in many cases didn't apply it in my own life. I also have had many ideas on how to resolve certain patterns but didn't create a structure for it so it quickly didn't hold up.

I'd like this blog to be a way for me to help myself, structure my own process, create my own tools toward healing my own discrepancies... or maybe this journal will show me that there is nothing to heal but the path is about being ok with it...

Let's find that out.