I have often seen my ability to earn money as a jelly whose form is set and feels unchangeable.

"I just can't and I'm not able to do anything about that." - "Things are set in stone for me." - "That is just how things are." - "I don't have what it takes.", etc...

I see the impact it has on my well-being as a whole and my growth. I behave in a restrictive way, not allowing more to come my way.

Money is like water. It flows through. It goes out as much as it goes in.

I focus a lot on what goes out and not enough on what goes in. And when I say "focus", I mean that my intention is worrying about the expenditure and expenses and also worrying about how money will come in.

Well... it doesn't work!

So, because I get this feeling that money is a mindset, it means that I can shift things no matter what my circumstances are.

So here is what I am going to ask myself today, tomorrow, next week, etc...

By asking myself this, I hope to focus more on allowing and welcoming more flow into my life.

I will keep you informed about how it goes.

In the meantime, shine your vibe. ✨