I have been a massage therapist for more than 25 years (but gave massage since I was a kid). My training in Australia included shiatsu, self remedial massage, sports massage, reflexology, and more.

I also trained in oriental and health sciences which gave me a truly holistic view of health and well-being. Connecting the inside and the outside. Understanding what the flow means within the body and what it means within the environment (as part of my studies I explored the art of harmonising a home with Feng Shui).

But all those studies never taught me about what I have personally developed. Instead of following a protocol to abide by the letter, I begun sensing that each individual had to be listened to and have their massage, individualised and tailored to their own needs.

It makes total sense on paper but it isn't uncommon unfortunately that we are being told to follow the protocol and feel bound to it whereas the body we are massaging asked to follow them instead.

Of course a structure is important and I have to say, what I learned about Shiatsu, TuiNa, and acupressure gave me a beautiful understanding about structure and how things were interconnected. So if you ever have a massage with me you will feel that for sure (unless I give you a Bach Flowers Remedies or aromatherapy oil massage...).

But I have also let go of some of the injonctions and rules that those practice have. For example, the no-talking in shiatsu is really important. Only the massage must lead, the breath and the movements. It makes total sense within that framework. The only thing is that, I felt that talking could also help integrate the different parts and help bring awareness. That led me to develop what I have called "Resonant feedback": through the massage and what people express through their bodies, they get to feel those signals and those parts of themselves they may have lost to reconnect to their own core and their own flow.

This is a beautiful process to watch. It is my hope that everyone can lead a life aligned to their values and their core and massage is one of my tool (along with coaching and consultancy) to help you be on your way to your own alignment and well-being.

I would love to answer questions you may have about my practice, massage and also well-being.

Don't hesitate to contact me through my social networks on Mastodon or LinkedIn.

I wish you a beautiful day.

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