Until I spoke with a great friend of mine (Rebecca Teeter), the word evoked: wasting time, missing opportunities, boredom, doing nothing as well as being held back and resulting in frustration...

But our conversation on Human Design and her very deep questioning, insights and ability to embrace the good the bad and the ugly without judgements makes me question my viewpoint on that subject.

I feel there might be a lot to say about all that as it implies notions of developing the ability to tune within and grow our intuition, as well as attracting things to us. I often don't recognize that I'm able to do that for myself.

Rebecca suggested that instead of saying to myself, "Darn, it's wrong, I'm more energetic when focusing on others" I could use that as a strength and direct my actions on the external so that I have a something to pull me over.

I have to admit something about this subject of waiting. I have felt very unenthusiastic about writing this last couple of days. As if nothing was motivating me enough to write. And truth be told, i still don't feel it.

From what i understand waiting is about observing the signs that something might be of interest for us. But we need to have an open heart for that and not have any predestined agenda. AND definitely giving us some time to really see if that is right for us...
To be honest I'm used to do the opposite and go straight into action. That might have led to stagnation and unfinished business.

I need to explore that further.