And it cripples me and freeze my mind and my ability to act. And when this happen I feel stuck and voices in my head are giving me all the reasons why it's true and if this keeps on going I also found external reasons to justify why I can't act to unload a bit of the weight I put on myself...

This week I tried to figure out how I was going to fulfill my desire of going to Ireland.
So I first looked at ferries which were really expensive (but they're not supposed to be), then the flights, which were hard to find before Mai (o.o)... but all these datas were online so I decided to go to an agency.

There seems to be some relationships between the operators and the companies like airflights and hostels because that was shocking and I had to go to paris to get a flight. Which is odd because Rennes has also an airport and a flight to Ireland...

So all that was quite validating my beliefs that it's hard, right?

Well, I then looked at another website that gives quite a few mix of B'&B's, Youth Hostels, Hotels, Luxurious Houses, etc... And frankly, you have quite good choices here.
My idea going that route is to book a flight, take one week in a Youth Hostel, find a flat there, create a company, and find a part-time job to get to know people...
I definitely can teach English and French as a Second language (I do have my tefl certificate), I also can give massages, and work in a shop...
While I build up my business of coaching.

I have been wanting to do that for ever and I just can't seem to be able to do it in France. So I don't know what is going to happen but from my past experience living in Ireland for 3 years, people are more open-minded and are not critical of you.

But first thing first: my flight and my first week need to be booked for under 800€ (the airport will then be defined).
Then, I'll need to get back to Nantes, get a storage box close to the airport I'm gonna take and put all my stuff there and leave.
When I'm in Ireland, we 'll see. Unless someone sees this post and offers me a job. ;)

Anyway, this is the plan made the last day of December 2022.
I hope this next year will be more adventuous for me. I want to be more daring and try out things. I want to surrounf myself with beauty and lovely people and I want to do what sparkle my sould and light me up...

I wish myself a very happy new year.
And also to you.