Tomorrow will mark the last day of the month of October and with it the last day of the challenge #inktober. I did the first 3 days but didn't follow through. i was not inspired by the words even though, many people did amazingly. i just was not.

I created my own words hoping that it would give me some motivation but then I did something else... Namely my website which came at the forefront of my priorities. I focused on it for 10 days straight and I'm very happy on how it turned out.

Now that it's done, other things needs to be taken care of: my communication with my audience and finding ways to be more visible while respecting my core values. To be able to do that, I need to feel the motivation and have fun while doing it.

Doing Coachtober-ish is a nice and lovely way to express deep stuff but being reminded to keep some lightness and humor about it.

So here are the parameters of this project:

  • I will beginning this challenge in November but for now I still don't know when I'll finish (I don't know if it is a good idea as I tend to like very short challenges at a time instead of longer ones... We'll see).
  • I will not compare myself to others as this can be quite frustrating and a creative-killer for me.
  • I will use visual sketchnotes for now but if I sense that I want to express ideas through another media, I will.
  • I will diffuse my creations through the social networks I have right now. Today I am on Mastodon as well as LinkedIn. I want to experiment on this latter platform and see if I stay on there or not... until my next birthday.

My purpose is to link my need to create and express my point of view which can sometimes feel like an obligation (I tend to make myself quite invisible when that happens) and do it in a way that is supportive, creative and joyful for me (which are my needs) because when I feel those 3, I feel safe and focused.

I will certainly keep you posted.

I have a question before you go though. What do you put in place in order to feel able to act on your creative endeavors (be it entrepreneurial or artistic)? And also share what you have created (whatever that look like for you)?