It's been years now that I do have an issue with it. Even before I met my ex and cats with the latter who were very cheeky during the night, I've had some kind of problems. With a hard time snoozing off and getting up...

Well, it got worse last year when my ex and I broke up.
And even worse when I moved to the north of France. Being awake during the night and sleeping a few hours during the day.

Last night I slept earlier and got up earlier too with the goal of doing the biphasic sleep which contrarily with the monophasic one is to have 2 round of cycles of sleep instead of what we do now which is in one go.

Biphasic sleep was the norm before industrialization and electricity allowed us to stay awake beyond sunset and demanded more efficacy of our time thus reducing the times where we would sleep outside of night time.

To come back to my pattern, who has been really off, maybe I'd need to explore my own rhythm and see what is more suitable for me. Sleeping in one go or in multiple phases like my grand-parents used to do.

For now anyway, it's winter and I definitely feel like hibernating. I'm tired and I'm sure anxiety plays a huge part in that. My eating pattern has been impacted too so has been my lack of movement due to less massages given (when I do massages, somehow that prompts me to crave for more movement).

I can see how those 3 parts go hand in hand: nourishment - movement - sleep.

I will explore them soon (knowing that I'm already going through movement thanks to the course I'm taking from Movnat).