Today, before my call with my sketchnoting buddy partners (we meet every week to support each other in the process of learning to take visual notes and implemente it into our own professional and personal life), I looked into some sketchnoting that I did a while back and the tools (apps) that I use.

I realised that even though it isn't as fancy as apps like Procreate or Concepts which I can't use because I have a Linux Os on my computer and I have a Huion very simple tablet (I don't have an ipad or a screen tablet), I still can do things.
The constraints can even give me some creative outlet. And help me push beyond what I think is possible or not within the boundaries that I may have or the ones that I have set (my self limiting beliefs).

I used to take an enormous amount of time trying to find the right tools and feeling enraged when some were out of my reach - for whatever reason.

So understanding that I do have sketchnoting tools at my disposal that I can work with and see where it leads me is taking the edge off somehow. Allowing me to feel ok with the resources I do have and work with that...

I'd like to remind myself of that #littlenuggets and apply this understanding as a general approach in my life.

Another thought came to mind but I will treat it in another post: If I am enough, I can then show more of my enoughness instead of shying away.