This whole week, was a challenge but my gosh a worthwhile one.

One day after I delivered the sketchnote, as you know I felt I missed the mark & I still stand by that feeling as my goal was to do a sketchnote of the vibe of Mia. I am actually going to do one for real this time in a few days...

Despite all that, things became clear that I actually was on point when I met Mia again to do a debrief on the sketchnote & how she responded to it. And my doing this way became a blessing instead of a bummer.

It just felt right.

I now have a new offer that is part of my pool of services and I'm very excited about that.

Regarding the sketchnote I improved it after my follow-up meeting.

Here it is:

If you're interested to have your vibe sketched out by "moi", don't hesitate in letting me know (contact  at  coralierenee dot com).

In the meantime, keep fresh & ✨️ shine your vibe ✨️