Also things have been hectic here.

I left the place I stayed in and went back to where my ex is to deal with my material stuff I left with him. I am now prepping for my next chapter: I'm moving to Ireland at the end of February [Edit: It's August now and I didn't go to Ireland but Spain ?].

It actually felt great to come back and see my ex. I do have feelings for him. He is beautiful and I do hope that our relationship will evolve beautifully even if differently. [Edit: it definitely did: my feelings for him have shifted from Love ? and attachment to Friendship ?].

I have decided to create a community on the subjects I'm talking on this blog: reclaiming one's space, self-reliance and autonomy while in interaction with others. [Edit: okay, so this is not the case anymore... or yes it is but with a focus on sharing about the type of coaching I do using visual facilitation and vibe recording... I'm still working on that].

It's a big step for me and I am both excited and scared-sh..! [Edit: you'll be happy to hear that I'm less sh...-scared and still very excited... heck I'm overjoyed... if that it even possible!]
It brings a lot of issues for me on the very thing I'm dealing with. I do want to have conversation on this subject because I do have issues on establishing good boundaries which help reclaim my space. [Edit: I'm still working on that but I have discovered that I don't actually HAVE to work on those problematic insofar that focusing on my resources and strengths and engaging with things that are fun and joyful helps a lot with my issues... I thought it needed to be strenuous and hard because that's what was known to me - my zone of familiarity or comfort - but no actually... That doesn't mean that there won't be any effort. It just means that the effort feels right and purposeful]

I tend to take more than my share when I work and/or help someone. I give it all and I can burn out quite easily. [Edit: yep... still true]

I don't know if it is a societal phenomena but my observations so far seems to indicate I'm not alone in this. [Edit: I need to be clearer on that one].

So while I prep for my move I am also prepping for the build of this community. [Edit: I still haven't stepped out and made myself visible yet... but it will happen... promise!]

And I will definitely keep you informed. ?