Hey everyone,

I'm writing to you every 3 months it seems 😜 as I don't like to burden your mail box.

(If we haven't talked for ages and don't know what I'm doing professionally, here is what happened those last months:

I did my website with a vague niche in mind (creative artists and entrepreneurs) and changed it to burned out and stressed people who:

  • are in transition w/ a new job, a move to a new country, a separation, a change of career 🥴... & need help in facilitating that transition 😊
  • are overgiving, empath 💝 & need to reclaim their own time, energy & boundaries 🥰
  • feel stressed from their situation 🤒 & need to clarify what the next step is 🥳

The change seems small like that but it's not and I'm excited by the change. Creative artists and entrepreneurs have to face those issues a lot, so I know I will be seeing them. 😊It feels right to do so: I have a lot of experience and great ideas that would certainly help.

Next week, on Wednesday, January the 31st, I'll be hosting online a workshop so that my niche can tailor their self-care kit to regain energy and alleviate the issues that I mentioned above.
All information about it are [here](https://self-care-kit-workshop...). See if that resonates with you and if it does I would love to see you there. (If you know someone who would benefit from it, don't hesitate to pass along the link.)

I'm also going to give massages (in Granada, Spain). I'm excited to have found a place to do them.

I also have 4 slots for online coaching available during February, so don't hesitate to book a free 30 min call with me to see if that would help you out. If you want some great testimonial, Mia did a beautiful video, explaining what issues she was experiencing, how was the experience of working with me and the results she got. I'm blown away by her style. 😍

The last thing that I wanted to share with you is that from February to April, I am going to search for providers (coaches, health & body practitioners, virtual assistants, business consultants, etc...) to be able to better help my clients. And will be actively growing a community. So, if you resonate with what I do. I'm also looking for great partnerships.

I really hope we can create some much needed goodness within us and for others.

Thank you and take care.

And don't forget to shine your vibe. ✨