Stéphanie Boyer-Calvino (Anti-fashion Project) & Sophie Bramly invited Unesco Ambassador Véronique Roger-Lacan to come to talk about her life and what made her be who she is and her motivation to do what she does.

I didn't take any notes while I was there as weirdly as that may sound as I think I would not have been really fully present to what was being said. I'm used to lose myself in the sheer amount of notes I can take so - unconsciously or not - my intention was just to be there and listen.

When a few hours later I asked myself what I remembered from the talk, what were the things that stuck with me and how this talk impacted me I begun taking notes. The following is both my thoughts and recollection of the talk.

Before that though, I need to give a bit of context about the goals of these masterclasses: Stéphanie Boyer-Calvino and Sophie Bramly got the idea to bring inspirational guests to Roubaix (where I am living at the moment) and make those masterclasses accessible to everyone who can feel inspired by these atypical lives that don't fit the society's standardized norms. Through those examples, an opportunity is offered to look within ourselves to step up and reclaim our selves...

On this particular night, there are definite points that got my attention:

The guest is definitely a living embodiment of the ability to be whatever you want - no matter one's gender, sex, skin type, background, upbringing, studies... -

Condensing her body of work seems impossible as she went from working in the Ministry of the Armed forces to French Ministry of Foreign Affairs while now being an Unesco Ambassador as well as doing volunteer work bringing art to disadvantaged children. (Those are only some of her endeavors which are too long to put in here). Very soon, she wants "to go back in war zones to contribute to the establishment of peace." (LinkedIn sources)

In the talk, she really drove home the potential for peace through the promotion and respect of all cultures, however different those may be. I felt that doing our best to understand others point of view no matter their background and with great empathy is paramount in this day and age.

I won't go over her life filled with being in the midst of wars, her up-rootedness, having to grow really fast after her dad died to support her mum and sister, but let's say that it has formed her resilience and motto that to survive one must make the most of what life is offering no matter the sets of cards that is being given.

She has raised her children with strong sets of beliefs which are in my opinion very important and a necessity to bring more resilience and kindness in this world:
° be kind to others without expecting others to be to kind to you
° one has to develop autonomy and self-reliance in order to thrive 
° and pave your own way to create the life you want.

So how this talk impacted me?

First of all, I'm always amazed at how education and life experiences as well as History (with a big H) at a younger age can  have a lasting effect in adult's life.

As a coach I'm always curious about how one's upbringing can be reflected on today's wellbeing and the crystallization of today's situation and events but also the potential for learning and the resources that are available within to step up and be truly aligned with oneself.

As I dive in and reflect on my own life to source my own thread and find meaning in my life, those kind of examples reinforces the awe and the curiosity I have about life in general and people stories (including myself) and why they are where they are.

It really never ceases to amaze me.