To be able to do that, I need to know how much I have. I thought I had quite an amount but actually no. Everything that I own can hold within less than 2sqm and I'm large.

My relationship with belongings have always been funny in a sense that I felt that they were what hold me back and at the same time I yearn to have a place surrounded by lovely and meaningful pieces that were expressing my essence.

Today while talking to my ex (I have my stuff at his place) I went through wanting to sell everything so that I wouldn't have the hassle of dealing with all that (decide on a box, where it should be as in France or ireland and which town) to feeling sad of having to depart once again and not have anything that I own.

I learned pretty young that I shouldn't get attached to things either because it would be taken away from me and or that I didn't deserve anything... but also because, I felt that was a weight preventing me from being free. So I detached from that. It feels very paradoxical actually...

That's what I'm dealing with right now.