You see, someone has accepted to be my guinea pig to try out an offer that will be soon out.
(I will reveal it in due time... Promise ?)

My workflow with her was quite dense:

✅ A session of 1h30 of focused Q/A, feedback, and awareness... I love that process ?,
all the while taking notes (I have to develop some graphic facilitation skills): I had a total of 18 pages to work with ?! Even though I was really writing big (on a notebook, analog-mode) I still had to go through a lot of material.

✅ After a pause, I looked into it again, and begun to see more valuable insights that I added BUT I also begun to see the structure of the whole session (the story line, the interests, the passions, how that translate in what the person did, etc...).

By now I'd say the work that was supposed to be short (yep that was the goal) became much bigger... (sigh?)

✅ The day after, I restructured the data, uncluttered (or so I thought) the repetitions and connected the dots (the flow of it all)...

I have to say, I felt quite proud of myself. I definitely loved the whole process because it really connected me to my client's brilliance, her story, her understanding and what she brings to this world...

BUT I think I was so immersed in it that the purpose of prepping a short offer for people to buy was lost in my own process. ?

You see, for me a person is so nuanced, complex and multilayered that it's hard not to plunge in that richness...

Anyway, after sharing my process to a friend of mine who reminded me the goal of it all and my tendency to be very giving (like 200%), she suggested to focus on the nuggets and to present 3 to 5 of them. It threw me off at first but I have to say she was right. I still saw myself being attached to the whole when during my sketchnote weekly meeting with my buddy partners, I was reminded to only take 3 words that would be the most important ones. (When one does sketchnoting it's a great idea to get a sentence and a word for each of the main ideas so as not to be drowned in information... I learned about it thanks to a masterclass I did with Lai Chee)

✅ That's what I did and the results was incredible: I took the main themes that was popping out and I found 4 of them. I used Merriam Webster to find synonyms and that gave me even more insights on my "client"'s strengths...
Everything actually fits in one page and I am even in the process of reducing to 3 strengths (because 2 of them are very connected) and everything is flowing from one strength to the other. ?

I love its logic and how that reveals the person's ability and gifts. It's very beautiful!

I haven't finished yet but when it's done I will write a blog post and present to you the result. And no, I am not forgetting the reveal of my offer. ?

In the meantime, shine your vibe! ✨

(mmmh, I think that is gonna be my ending words)