So what are resonant feedback anyway?

That's an approach I've developed through the medium of practicing various bodywork therapies and oriental and health sciences (such as sports and remedial massage, shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure, counselling, feng shui, food as medicine, acupuncture, tai chi, qi gong, etc...) during more than 20 years.

Using those structural foundations and framework, I began to tune in to people's own expression and felt compelled to give feedback, seeing where and when they were aligned or not, what sparked their interest & what made them tick...

Through the years, my intuition grew with practice, seeing when someone is not aligned &/or has a lack of enthusiasm, purpose and feel lost. My purpose is to give them feedback so that they can make sense of who they are and understand why they do what they do, connecting the dots and unlock their own resources.

If you look at the definition of the 2 words, you might sense what I'm trying convey:

  • Resonance: "Sound produced by a body vibrating in sympathy with a neighboring source of sound" (reverberation of sound - wave)
  • Feedback: Sound (in music) coming back (checking in if output is as aligned with input - echoing - responding)

This approach that I developed and coined Resonant Feedback is my medium through which I help you reconnect to your resources and reflect back to you, your own vibe (the expression of your sound). In so doing, you will sense if your actions are aligned with your core.

To do this, I use my empathy skills, creativity and intuition to tune into the source of each individual.

Yep, it sounds high perched, right!? 😜

The thing is that I never take away your autonomy. I am just reflecting back to you things that you feel within you but can't connect at the moment.

My goal is to lift the veil so that you reclaim your autonomy and act in congruence with your essence.

I use it in my coaching but also in my massages (a whole new page on my massages is in the making).

I hope it gives you an overview and an idea of what what Resonant feedback is.

Let me know if you would like me to go deeper in the subject.

Cheers and don't forget to shine your vibe. ✨

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