First of all, doing this website was intense but not as I was expecting it. In retrospective, it was actually a very deep creative experience.

I was focused, clear and in the flow. Most of the time, I did not "mentalize" things and I had the same energy I have when doing the visual recording (after I have gathered, sorted out and connected information) for my clients. It looked like I didn't have a plan but it felt like following my intuition.

Truth be told, for 2 weeks prior to doing my website I read and watch a lot of videos on how to create a website with Carrd because I wanted to use a tool that was simple to use so that my creativity would not be interrupted during the process of creation. I also wanted to feel that I could do it myself and that if I wanted to evolve, I could simply do it with this platform.

So when I decided it was time for me to do the website, things were quite clear and I was eager to do it: I had my tool, I had some text that needed rewriting but the base was there, I had great pictures of me thanks to a super photograph and some testimonials (even though some were missing). And to keep me away from looking at the details and taking too much time on certain aspect, I told myself the following motto: "Better done than perfect".

In 2 weeks, with no prior experience, I had a complete website up and running.

The most important thing for me was to express my vibe through words, images, layout and colours... I wanted people to recognize, what would be my energy and I wanted to be true to it, and not "branding" myself into something that felt off my center and who I truly was.

Because I needed to embody my values and exemplify what I help people with...

My goal as a coach is to help my clients find their core (which can be found in my opinion, in the strengths that we have camouflaged as weaknesses), align their actions in harmony with it and radiate that centered strength out. When one is aligned to their core, it definitely shows... in the way one speaks, work, in the environment they live in, their website, the way they dress, in the very gesture of their movement. I believe that if more and more people are able to do that, there is a possibility to heal our relationship to each other and to our environment.

That is why I am doing what I do and that is why I felt good doing my website in the way I did it. My own process was respected and the result expressed my true vibe... independently of what the "marketing norms" would advise me.

I enjoyed the process and felt more solid in talking about what I do.

For me, the next chapter is gonna be to create content and be more visible in a way that respect my core.

I can't wait. ?

(By the way, don't hesitate to have a look at my website and see if you resonate with what I am doing. If that's the case and you want to tell me about it, don't hesitate to contact me through LinkedIn or Mastodon. You can also drop me a message if you prefer)