Coralie is a keen truth teller of alignment. I was amazed and stunned more than once when she said, “There’s something more” and I would think, no, I don’t think so and then a few minutes later would download the missing pieces.

When she provided additional information after our session, at first I wasn’t sure how it fit, but it did. It was exactly the next layer and level of what was needed for my understanding and cohesion. And that’s a great description of how her process works to dive down layer by layer, getting deeper, more clear. Any hesitation I had, was my own block surfaces to be released.

I have struggled for as long as I remember to break down the barriers between all the things, the tools, I have gathered over the years and in this one session, using her intuition and ability to sense deeply, she helped me to dismantle the boxes and see my background as a cohesive goal with a singular purpose. I’ve done so much healing and coaching work and knew this was an issue but hadn’t been able to find my way out of the clouds with this challenge until now.

Even more amazing was the flow I experienced in being able to bring this awareness into a creative project that gave me a visual map that will aid in me in re-establishing and growing my business. It’s a map that summarizes my perspective on the process of transformation. And I view it as a compass for staying in alignment as I navigate the vastness of what is possible. And with the sketchnote Coralie provided, it was just what I needed.

I would highly recommend Coralie to anyone who was feeling stuck or uncertain about their direction whether it’s their business, life, or project. She has the way of getting to the core of what’s missing, or where you need to go deeper, or explore more to uncover the thing that is hidden.

What I love most was that, while Coralie offers her own insights, skills, and knowledge, it was really how she felt the places where I was allowing my own cloudiness to hide the wisdom underneath. It was as if she was able to gently nudge it enough for my own clarity to shine through.

I felt supported in my process, in my knowledge, and in my skill. My experience was centered and my truth was central to the process. We all have our stuff and our ways of hiding that create uncertainty and a sense of not knowing, Coralie helps you to see through all of it. To see the truth beneath so that you can shine brilliantly as you are meant to.

It’s a gift to give yourself the level of clarity and insight you can get from having the feedback of your own alignment from Coralie.



I am so glad that I got the privilege to coach her and help her clarify what was truly essential for her.

If you experience a blockage and need help clarifying your next step, don't hesitate in reaching out.

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