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This blog dives deeper on the subjects of coaching with case studies, longer testimonials and my viewpoints on coaching, teaching and facilitating.
You will also find more on the workshops that I give and the next beautiful projects I am creating for you. #creativityislife
I will also share my own journey and experiments I am attempting through entrepreneurship and the progress (hopefully) at improving my skills as a visual recorder and sketchnoting.

Welcome to my blog! đŸ¤—

My experience in massage

Massage Movement

Money is a mindset

New website

News from me

What is sketchnoting?

Creativity Learning Sketchnote

My Core Signature Program


What is Resonant Feedback?


What was it like to do my website?

Coaching Creativity Learning

Coachtober... ish

Coaching Creativity Learning Sketchnote

Rebecca's testimonial


Working with Mia

Coaching Learning Sketchnote

It was so worth it

Coaching Learning Sketchnote

Both happy & reserved ...

Coaching Learning Sketchnote

This is incredible

Coaching Learning Sketchnote

Welcome to my process

Coaching Learning

So it's been more than a month now...


It's been a while


Finding my home


Am I able?

Feeling like a failure


Doing with what I have

Your Mess is your Message


Deep sleep

My parts are in conflict

My body needs to move

What my body expresses...

Where is my root?

A space for Actor's wisdom

Actor's Wisdom


The Art of Coaching

About waiting

Assessing my self-sabotage

People never cease to amaze me

About growth

I am enough

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